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Published: 01st July 2010
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For motorcycle scooters in Toronto, buyers have a wide variety of big-name brands to choose from. If you're in the market for a brand new scooter, and are in the process of deciding who to buy from, be sure to consider Tomos Canada.

Tomos is a Slovenian company with a long history of quality in the motorsports manufacturing industry. The company was founded over fifty years ago, and has spent the ensuing half-decade slowly perfecting its line of motorcycles, scooters, and e-bikes. Few other manufacturers are able to match Tomos' combination of reliability, affordability, and style.

Tomos Canada, Tomos' Canadian distributor, offers a complete line of motorcycle scooters [or "mopeds"] to Toronto buyers. These vehicles are ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable middle ground between a car and a bicycle. They're fast enough to ride with traffic, but lightweight enough to park on the sidewalk-and, it should go without saying, they're dramatically less expensive than any car.

Among the several models of motorcycle scooters available in Toronto from Tomos Canada is the "Arrow R." The Arrow R is a sleek, black scooter with a bike-like profile. With its 49cc, two-stroke engine, it has more than enough pickup to handle city streets, and with its front disc brakes, it has enough self-control to ensure the safety of its rider. The Arrow R is ideal for the Toronto motorcycle scooter rider who values both style and speed.

The Tomos "Streetmate" model motorcycle scooter is another fast, fantastic ride-but, thanks to some clever styling, it also has classic looks. The Streetmate is outfitted with a clever faux fuel tank, which serves as a storage compartment. Though the tank doesn't actually hold gas, it gives the Streetmate an authentic motorcycle look, sure to impress even those who are skeptical of the speed and practicality of Toronto motorcycle scooters. The Streetmate also features attractive chrome rims, and has a large, round, chrome headlight.

The Tomos "Streetmate R" model motorcycle scooter is, without a doubt, one of the most stylish motorcycle scooters available in Toronto today. It shares with the original Streetmate an authentic, motorcycle-style design, but includes a number of deluxe additions, like double headlight mag wheels, and custom paint and graphics.

Other Tomos motorcycle scooters available in Toronto include the "ST" model, the "Revival TS" model, and the "LX" model. Every Tomos motorcycle scooter is meticulously designed for both function and looks. Potential buyers can see detailed photographs of each on the Tomos Canada website, a link to which is below.

Though Tomos Canada is known, in Toronto, for its motorcycle scooters, the company also sells a range of outboard motors, and will soon be selling a line of Tomos-brand inflatable boats.

Tomos Canada is a distributor of Tomos-brand motorcycle scooters in Toronto. For more information, visit TomosCanada.

Tomos, a Solvenian manufacturer of motor sports products, has a storied history. The company has manufactured quality motorbikes, scooters, and other motor sports products for the Eastern European market for over 50 years. For more information, visit

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